The Loire Valley stretches from the Atlantic coast to the Burgundy region and its main appellations are located along the Loire river. The region is divided into four parts; Pays Nantais consisting mainly of all appellations between Nantes and Angers, with Muscadet and white dominance in main appellation. Anjou, between Cholet and Saumur, Touraine, between Saumur and Orléans and finally the Center corresponding to the vineyards of Sancerre.

The Pierre Chainier House, based in Amboise, owns over 250 hectares divided between Tours and Amboise, directly cultivating and distributing all legendary grapes of the Loire Valley such as Muscadet, Bourgueil, Vouvray, Touraine, Touraine-Amboise, Sancerre, Sauvignon Blanc and Rose, etc. The trading business gives opportunities to create harmonies of wine likely to answer to specific requests. Pierre Chainier is positioned as a strategic partner able to create a wine, its branding and packaging specifically for a market, an audience, or a specific customer. 

In both of our businesses, our selection criteria are:

• Select the best terroirs.

• Grow vines in a low input process.

• Vinification of grapes with the most modern technology.

• Relying on an experienced team with oenologists working with the latest technology.

• Bottling in compliance with the international quality standards