The Chainier House: 250 Hectares of vineyards and a leader
in production and distribution of Val De Loire's main grapes.


Long beloved of kings, the Loire Valley is home to fascinating vineyards, for most, centuries old. Part of the World Heritage UNESCO list since 2000, few places in the world offer a comparable combination of soils and names. The diversity of soils, relief, orientations and microclimates are favorable for the production of a wide variety of wines. So it was natural that, from castles to estates, from vineyards to parcels, Pierre Chainier found its chosen land and its complete vocation: wine!

With an ancestral know-how, expert teams and processes at the forefront of innovation, Pierre Chainier was able to compose over time, one of the most important wineries of the region in the most prestigious terroirs and plots delivering the best vintages.

Touraine is an integral part of the Loire Valley "wine route" the longest of France, marked by an incredible cultural heritage and an extremely varied landscape. The vine is omnipresent since Gallo -Roman times and wine is an integral part of the Touraine culture.

“Shame on who does not admire my joy, my beautiful, my brave Touraine whose seven valleys trickle with water and wine! “
— - Honore de Balzac - The Two Friends