• 1749 • 

A symbolic date, the origin of our vineyards, which expresses our respect and love doing things in the tradition of our ancestors.


Some wines are stories to be told , others to be lived. Our collections " Les Parcelles " is designed to be shared with friends around a table without formalities.


The expression of the Pierre Chainier spirit . An affirmation of our values and our know-how.


Several decades of experience transposed in a collection expressing the best of our grapes.

The Val de Loire, from its terroir and heritage, is a privileged place full of history. The Pierre Chainier house established on the banks of the Loire river for three generations represents a business with a clear vision, focusing on a partnership with the trade, local wineries and consumers so you can enjoy great wines quality at the best prices

The Pierre Chainier Estates stretch over more than 250 Ha. along the Loire and the Cher river, home of the best Sauvignon, as both Winemakers and Merchants on all the Val de Loire wines appelations.

The constant quality of the wines produced in our domaines has allowed us to expand our sales beyond national borders, where again we share our common vision, which is to produce and promote the great wines of Val de Loire

Our values are also those of quality wines, in fact, we put our experience at the service of a real strategy, ISO 9001, HACCP, BRC . This allows us to be the preferred partner of all major companies, whether in France or abroad, the products of our family estates, our own brands or these created on behalf of our distributors.

Our goal is to give you the opportunity to discover and try our wines. We are sure you will love them. See you soon, glass in hand!



Spread over more than 250 Ha  and eight estates, The Chainier House is the Val de Loire wine foremost expert.


Paul Buisse Cellars are available for private events such as seminars, conferences, business lunches or family reunions (up to 50 people). Rental rates for the day during the week are: 400 € / day and  650 € / day during the week-ends.

For more information, please call us at + or email chainier@pierrechainier.com